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What to Look for when Buying an Essential Oil Carrying Case

What to Look for when Buying an Essential Oil Carrying Case

Do you buy essential oils so much that you really need to find a case to store them in? Would you like to be able to take your essential oils with you when you travel?

If so, you will want to look for a sturdy and reliable essential oil carrying case. One that you can fit many of the bottles you already own in, and then travel with it knowing that nothing is likely to break.

The right size -- Before you start looking for an essential oil carrying case, calculate how many bottles you are likely to want to travel with and find something that carries that many bottles plus a few more.

A sturdy and hard wearing fabric -- Protection is the main name of the game when it comes to using an essential oil carrying case, so do be sure the case you buy is made of a sturdy and hard wearing fabric that will protect your bottles of essential oils no matter what.

Make sure it is washable -- Even in the best case, essential oils will occasionally leak or spill.

Make sure any case you are considering buying is completely washable, as you do not want to own a nice looking case only to have to carry it around covered in oil stains that you cannot wash off.

A reliable zipper -- Most of the essential oil carrying cases you look at will have a zipper.

Make sure any case you may buy has a zipper that securely fastens, is well made and looks like it will last for a long time to come. Some carrying cases come with quite flimsy zippers and, once a zipper is broken, that is the end of being able to use the case.

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